The EuskarAbentura youth, who are called jzioquitarrak, already have the list of what they should and should not carry in their backpacks… and are also trying to figure out how to include that special extra thing. It’s human nature, what are we gonna do. We are also dreamers, and we can’t stop thinking about what we have ahead of us: 407 km on foot!, the seven provinces of the Basque Country in a month, forests, mountains, sea, valleys, old and new friends, muscle pain, 24/7 speaking in Euskara, the evening parties, the visitors… Looking at the list, it’s no wonder the body cannot feel only one emotion. And all emotions are legit, and will be experienced, as we will see during the expedition.

Whether we can put that special extra thing in our backpacks or not, what we can’t help doing is filling it with dreams. And dreams relieve the weight. The more they dream, the lighter the jzioquitarrak tend to hike.

And you, have you dreamt enough?